Are you good at using Python or SQL to handle data tasks? Do you love working with modern open-source technologies in a cloud-based environment? If you're someone who wants to learn and collaborate with experts and is excited about working with data, this might be an interesting opportunity for you.

As a Data Engineer at DataSentics, your main role would be transforming data. You'll create and improve data pipelines, solve complex data problems, and build strong data solutions. It's like being a skilled craftsman turning raw materials into beautiful artwork, but instead, you'll turn data into valuable insights that help businesses succeed.

Our team, projects and technologies

• We use predictive models to improve online communication, employ state-of-the-art computer vision to monitor product placement on shelves, and work on fraud detection, among other areas. 
• We also specialize in customer segmentation, combining online data (cookies, Google Analytics, AdForm) with offline data (payment transactions, call center interactions, etc.). 
• We work extensively with AWS, Azure, GCP, and utilize SQL, Python, Pandas, Jupyter, PySpark, Databricks and more. 
• Project teams typically consist of 2 - 5 members (analysts, engineers, data scientists, project managers). 
• We work on both long-term stable projects and shorter "pilots." 
• Most of our projects involve banks, insurance companies, and major e-commerce players. 
• We spend the majority of our time working remotely or from our offices in Prague (near Muzeum metro station) or in Brno (at ImpactHub)."

We are a group of professionals working on data solutions that make a difference. Be a part of exciting projects that contribute to AI-powered products!

DataSentics, a.s.